Do Blog Comments Still Have Value?

There was a time when blog commenting was one of the most popular SEO techniques. People would just spam keywords and links to their site all across the web without paying attention to the blogs they were actually commenting on. If you have a blog you probably know how many bots are just looking to dump a pile of meaningless text onto your comment section. This is the reason that Nofollow links were invented, to disincentivize this sort of thing. Now commenting on most blogs provides no real pagerank value. But does that mean they are totally useless when it comes to SEO? Ultimately they can still be valuable depending on how you treat them.

Search for blogs in your niche. Read their material and check out their comment section. Then ask yourself, “do I have anything to add to this conversation?” If you are running a site the answer should be yes, or else you should consider outsourcing your  content writing to someone with more expertise. See if they have some way to attach your website to your comments. On many sites you can specify a URL and users will be taken there if they click your name. If this isn’t an option you want to include the link in the body of your comment. Be careful about coming off as a spammer though. Try to bring up your site naturally. Try linking to material you’ve written that’s relevant to the discussion at hand. If you don’t have anything relevant think of seizing the opportunity and creating some content inspired by the discussion. Even if you’re not looking to build links this is a good way to come up with ideas for new material.

When it comes to real, lasting SEO content is king. If you are providing great content that people love and want to share then it doesn’t really matter that much if a link is Nofollow. The important thing is that you’re building up a reputation. That’s the sort of thing people are seeking out when they search and that’s what search engines are looking for when they rank. If you are commenting on blogs you need to be proving something to the people who come to that site. Good commenters can be almost as valuable as the bloggers themselves WME group. Write good comments and bloggers, readers and search engines will all like you.

Remember to spread out. It’s nice to be part of a small, personal circle of commenters but it also helps to reach as many sites as possible. Often the same group of people will visit a number of similar sites. You want visitors to see you popping up all over the place providing interesting comments. That way you don’t just look like everyone else, but rather someone special with something to say.

It’s not that uncommon for people to travel from one site to another by the links in comments. If a reader sees a quality comment they often want to hear what else this person has to hear. You just need to be that sort of commenter and provide them with a link to your site. You won’t just look like a spammer or marketer, you’ll look like a trustworthy member of the community. And that’s exactly what you should be. Beware bosses bearing ‘workplace happiness’ jargon | SMH