Do Blog Comments Still Have Value?

There was a time when blog commenting was one of the most popular SEO techniques. People would just spam keywords and links to their site all across the web without paying attention to the blogs they were actually commenting on. If you have a blog you probably know how many bots are just looking to … [Read more…]

Stumble Upon SEO

It can seem like search engine optimization is all about the latest site. Everything moves so quickly that web pages that were hugely popular just a year ago can seem like dinosaurs today. One such site is StumbleUpon. For a while it was incredibly popular within the SEO world but has now fallen slightly out … [Read more…]

What AdWords Quality Score Means For You

One Great thing about Google is that they are constantly adding to their products and changing things to try and make them the best possible. You never know when you’re going to log on and find an aspect of your favorite program that you didn’t know about before. The downside is that most people have … [Read more…]

The Right Way Businesses Should Be Blogging

Blogging is now essential to businesses as pay-per-click ads. It’s interesting how blogging has emerged as an effective marketing tool. In the past, blogging was effectively in the realm of lonely teenagers. Now, everyone from Nike to lonelygirl_15 is blogging. Your business, too, may have a blog. But do you know if it’s effective. Most … [Read more…]